The Hard Working Type

A typographic treatment created using the sweat off my back, literally. Made by making myself undergo various kinds of workout / exercise regiments - each result was unique.

I experimented with different kinds of t-shirts / materials and typefaces, to see the various effects that were possible. I also tried creating the letters in the negative and positive. The results of my first few experiments are posted below:

- '99 %' / '&' / '397 KCAL' / Letter 'A' / Nike Plus symbol / Letters 'S'

Note: There was NO USE OF PHOTOSHOP in the creation of this treatment. Each letter / number was formed naturally.

'99%' created by running in Central Park

Process video shot using Google Glass

99 4.jpg
99 percent.gif
99 2.jpg

'&' created by following the P90X workout

Ampersand 2.jpg
Ampersand 3.jpg

'397 Kcal' created by running on the treadmill till I reached my goal of burning 397 calories 

397 2.jpg
397 3.jpg

Letter A created by weight lifting

A 1.jpg
A 2.jpg
A 3.jpg

Nike Plus Symbol created by jogging along the UES

Nike 1.jpg
Nike 2.jpg
Nike 3.jpg

'S' created by doing aerobics

S 2.jpg
S 3.jpg
S 4.jpg