A Bleak Outlook is a take on the process and meeting heavy working style of large Fortune 500 companies. This typographical treatment was inspired by my time working as a designer at such an organization.

On a typical working day, there were more meetings than work or progress. That being said, it was a great learning experience... in terms of process, different working styles and large teams. And, it inspired this type treatment too!

I first noticed simple shapes being created in the the calendar/meeting invites I received. That lead me to add to it (and around it) and make letters. Those letters lead to words, which in turn, lead to a comment on that organizations' work culture. 

The 'comment' was expressed through a series of 5 words that reflected the feelings of various people/teams I worked with....

The words spelt out are, 'Busy', 'Work, '$$$', 'Fuck' and 'Crazy'.

Titled: 'Everybody's working for the weekend!'

Titled: 'Everybody's working for the weekend!'