This project is an exploration of the Vine logo created using tactile typography to showcase the main value of their platform - a world of ‘beautiful, looping’ 6 second videos.

The material used to re-create the logo was VHS film tape. When VHS was introduced it completely changed the way we looked at home entertainment. VHS gave us access to our favorite moments anytime/anywhere and home movies let us become stars in our own creations.

Today, Vine has had a similar affect on the video creation platform. It has become a platform for self expression and artistic voices. Viners have gone on to become huge stars, not just on the platform, but beyond as well. And of course being a digital platform, Vine and its content is accessible anywhere/anytime.

To make that connection, I reached out to some top Vine content creators and asked them their favorite movies from the era of VHS tapes. After sourcing most of the actual VHS tapes and using some good old-fashioned math (I finally got to use the Space, Time & Distance formula I learnt in school!!), I set out to precisely cut 6 seconds worth of film tape from each of the selected VHS tapes.

Once I had enough film strips, I constructed the Vine logo.

Thank you to all the Viners who replied with their favorite movies! Hope you all like!

Process Vine Video

VINE 6 second Type